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Emily Grainger, Physiotherapist  |  Murchison Safari 2019 


From 1996 to 2002 Dr. Norgrove Penny lived and worked in Uganda. While working in Uganda he established a surgical program for children at Mengo Hospital which eventually evolved into CoRSU Rehabilitation Hospital. In 2006 CoRSU Hospital opened its doors and continues to progress. Dr. Penny travels to Uganda many times each year to teach Orthopaedic Surgeons, Sport Arthroscopy Skills and continues his leadership involvement.

In 2015 Dr. Jack Taunton introduced Dr. Penny to Jo-Ann Bateman who also has a history in Uganda and works in the Sport Medicine and Orthopaedic industry.  Jo-Ann and Norgrove saw an opportunity to capacity build Sport Medicine in Uganda in partnership with CoRSU Hospital.

Soon after their first meeting, the first CUSEM team traveled to Uganda in 2016. 2019 was CUSEM’s fourth trip to Uganda, and each time we visit, we build on the momentum established in previous years.   

CUSEM's mission is to support the development of Sport & Exercise Medicine in Uganda. We motivate, encourage and inspire Sport & Exercise Medicine excellence to maximize the power and spirit of movement within Uganda in an independent manner.

CUSEM values partnerships, fostering independence, equality, and healthy lifestyles. We work to uphold these values through our program pillars - education, clinical work, research, resource distribution, networking and relationship building.

We are continuously seeking individuals or companies that would like to help, encourage and join Canada-Uganda Sport and Exercise Medicine's mission.



One of CUSEM's values is partnerships. Our work is only achievable through the strong partnerships we have in Canada and in Uganda.

We would like to thank our partners for sharing in our mission of sport & exercise medicine excellence in Uganda. We are continuously seeking individuals or companies that would like to help, encourage and join CUSEM's mission.

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